Mt. Matajur

Mt. Matajur


Mt. Matajur (Monte Maggiore in Italian, Matajûr in Friuli) is a 1642 m high mountain on the border between Slovenia and Italy. It towers above the Kobarid basin and Slavia Veneta, with a small chapel on the summit and the Natisone River running along its western foothills.

Matajur offers magnificent views over the Soča/Isonzo Valley and the Julian Alps towards the north and to the Friuli Plain all the way to the Adriatic Sea towards the south.

The easiest access is from the south, on the road that goes through the village of Montemaggiore to the cottage at the altitude of 1300 m above sea level. From there, it takes less than an hour to the top. It can also be reached from the northern side, on the road leading from the village Livek to Idrska planina, from where it is an hour and a half long climb to the top.

Valli del Natisone: il Matajur