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Natisone is one of the cleanest and warmest Alpine rivers!

New campsite along the Natisone River!

The Camping Natisone Pulfero is situated immediately along the Natisone River, where the Friuli Plain meets the foothills of the Julian Alps. Strong influence of the Adriatic Sea nearby makes for warm, long summers and mild winters.

Rio Bianco + Rio Negro = Natisone

Beli potok - Rio bianco

Rio Bianco

The Natisone/Nadiža River starts to collect its waters in several springs on the steep slopes of the mountain ridge between Slovenia and Italy.

It starts as Rio Nero/Črni potok on the border between both countries, and on the Italian side as Rio Bianco/Beli potok. The latter is lending its name to our restaurant and bar.

For about 3 km, both streams run parallel towards the south until the warmer waters of the Rio Bianco turn eastward, only to join the Rio Nero again at the border. From their confluence onwards the river continues its course as the Natisone/Nadiža.

It is one of the cleanest and warmest Alpine rivers.